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August 2021 Updates

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We’re a few days into a “back-to-school” sale on Per (USD $0.99 instead of USD $2.99), with a new release that includes translation to French being around the corner.

Here’s what the download numbers looked like for August:

Revenues and proceeds on June sales are estimates based on the information I get from Apple, in US Dollars.

Units were up a little for Thought Detox in August thanks to that sale, but because of the price cut, revenues were down compared to July. Expenses are up as I’ve subscribed to a service that helps me understand trends on the App Store, called AppFigures (affiliate link). For example, I learned that Thought Detox climbed to #47 on the Health & Fitness charts in China last week, so it may be worth investing in a Chinese translation of the app.

As I mentioned in the opening paragraph, I wrapped up work on a new release for Thought Detox — I just need to prepare screenshots for the App Store, which I hope to finish up this week. Perhaps surprisingly, this always takes a lot longer than you’d expect. Screenshots and app preview movies are the key differentiator for an app on the App Store, at least as far as marketing goes, so it’s worth experimenting to see if certain changes drive more sales or not.

Keep an eye out and, if you haven’t tried Thought Detox yet, grab it now while it’s over 60% off!

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