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Thought Detox: Updates and Roadmap

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Thought Detox v2021.02 Released

Happy Wednesday, friends! A small update has been released and includes the following changes:

You can check which version of the app you’re running by opening the Settings sheet and scrolling to the bottom of the page.

I’ve changed up the app previews and the screenshots on the App Store product page to better explain what the app does and show how it works. If you’ve got any feedback on them, please let me know!

What’s Next: The Roadmap

I recently added a link to the footer of the Thought Detox website, called “Roadmap”, which will redirect you to —you guessed it— the roadmap for Thought Detox. Right now, this is powered by a beta platform called changemap, and it’s a way for me to publicly show what I’m working on, and for you to make suggestions, add comments, and vote.

I’m trying to stick to a monthly-release schedule, so I add planned tasks that I know I can easily complete within three weeks. If I can get more done, great! As of the time of writing, I have three tasks planned:

  1. For the iOS app, fix some VoiceOver bugs; thanks again to Rob @ Mobile A11y for flagging these! (link)
  2. For the iOS app, improve the dark-scheme colour palette. (link)
  3. For the web app, improve the mobile experience. (link)

I like changemap (and the folks at Hello Code that are building it) a lot, but I should point out that there haven’t been many updates for just over a year now, and it is missing a few wishlist items — but of course, it’s also a free beta, so I don’t fault them for focusing their energy on their paid products. It’s hard for a small team to move multiple projects forward at the same time, but I do hope it continues to be developed!

Kind Words

Tony reached out to share a blog post about Thought Detox! I like the use case described here: as soon as a negative thought crosses your mind, open the app and let it go. I tend to use the app as part of an evening writing habit, clearing my mind before I go to sleep, but I like Tony’s approach and will try out it for myself.