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We've been renovating.

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After a (much longer than expected) hiatus from posting here, the site is back with a fresh new design!

There hasn’t been very much going on for a while, but that’s changing. Dropped Bits is a one-person shop, and the bulk of my time has been taken up by Other Things™ for some time now. I’ve since managed to cull lots of those projects, so that I can dedicate more time here.

I’m moving projects forward on a four-month basis. The from-scratch rewrite of the site started in January and finished in June. The next project is to work on and release a major update for Per; this is going to be a ground-up rewrite of the app, largely because so much has changed since I last wrote it. I’ll be posting updates as I go!

Oh, yeah — speaking of the website rewrite, I’d like to announce…

Changes to the privacy policy

Specifically, the site no longer uses Google Analytics or Squarespace Metrics — the latter because the site is no longer hosted on Squarespace, and the former because, frankly, I have no interest in helping track people around the web.

However, analytics are helpful in seeing what’s useful to users of the site, what’s interesting to readers of the blog, and so on. I’ve been looking for a privacy-focused option, and while there are some great options out there right now, I can’t justify the additional expenditure right now — so my focus is to bring up business revenue to pay for it, rather than fall back to using a free, less privacy-focused option.

I’ve also removed any “social sharing” buttons from the site. If you want to share something you find on this site, copying and pasting the link into your favourite social network works great!

Don’t forget to read the Dropped Bits privacy policy in full. This stuff is important.

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