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April 2021 Updates

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Recap: April 2021

April appears to continue the downward trend of sales for Thought Detox, though frankly in this very small range of downloads, big percentage changes might still be in the margin of error for number of units.

Here’s what the download numbers looked like for April:

Revenues and proceeds on April sales are estimates based on the information I get form Apple, in US Dollars.

Depending on the USD-CAD exchange rate, that means April was profitable. My baseline monthly expenses break down into two line items: fees on the business bank account (CAD$7), and a GitHub “teams” subscription for one user, prorated (CAD$3). I’m really glad to be rid of the monthly expense for my accounting software, which would have put me in the red this month.

I try to ship an update to Thought Detox every month; in April, I shipped several improvements for VoiceOver users.

May Sale!

May is Mental Health Month, and to mark the occasion I’ve dropped the price of Thought Detox from USD$2.99 to USD$1.99 for the entire month. That’s about a third off, depending on the currency where you live. So if you’ve been curious about the app, it’s a great time to buy it!

Download Thought Detox on the App Store

I’m aiming to release an update that adds a way for you to track your time in the app outside of Apple Health’s Mindful Minutes, on the road to releasing iPad and Mac apps. Work on that is already underway. If you want to see what I’m working on these days, or add your own suggestions, upvotes, and comments, don’t forget to visit the roadmap!