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March 2021 Updates

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Recap: March 2021

Compared to February, with the new app launch, March has been much slower. While that’s pretty much what I expected, I didn’t think it’d be this much slower. That’s okay! It gives me a baseline to compare against as I try things.

Here’s what the download numbers looked like for March:

Revenues and proceeds on March sales are estimates based on the information I get from Apple, in US Dollars.

Depending on the USD-CAD exchange rate, that means March was more-or-less a break-even month. My baseline monthly expenses break down into two line items: fees on the business bank account (CAD$7), and my accounting software (CAD$20). There isn’t a whole lot I can do about the bank fees, but I have switched to a new accounting software that better fits my needs — and my budget. I wish I’d found it sooner, as it would have saved me hundreds of dollars over the last couple of years!

As I’ve mentioned before, my goal is to make the business profitable this year. Cutting expenses helps a lot, but there are certain things I won’t compromise on.

So, you know, if you haven’t already, maybe consider buying Thought Detox on the App Store? 😅

Download Thought Detox on the App Store

Poll Results: What’s Next for Thought Detox?

A couple of weeks ago, I asked on Twitter about what I should focus on next:

And with the results in, it’s an even split between building the iPad and Mac app next. I think I’ll probably build the iPad app first, as it’ll be a bit easier to build from the iPhone app.

If you want to track the time you spend in the app, the iPhone app stores that in the Apple Health database. However, that’s not available on iPad or the Mac, so I need to substitute that functionality with a custom database instead. That wouldn’t be especially complicated — the only thing to track would be the start and end of your session when writing out a thought — but it does add another layer to the iPhone app, which I have to approach carefully.

If you want to see what I’m working on these days, or add your own suggestions, upvotes, and comments, don’t forget to visit the roadmap!